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Recent Contrarian Investment News

All-Time Record “Smart Money” Positions Point to Lower US Dollar (February 1)

Commercial traders (the Smart Money) have set an new all-time record in being short the US dollar and long currencies other than it.

Especially whenever the trader’s commitments are at multi-decade extremes, they predictably result in the commercials being rewarded for their actions.

The current positioning shows that most

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Russian and Copper Stocks on Sale. Gold Update Too. Buy low! (December 11)

This special alert is just in from my colleague, Steven Jon Kaplan today. There are some very rare opportunities today indeed.

Russian and copper stocks are seriously on sale. It’s time to buy low. Regarding copper, it’s rare to have an opportunity to buy a subsector which has relevant traders’ commitments at their most extreme levels since copper began trading at the beginning of 1972.

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Contrarian Investing 101: Why You Should Distrust Any Unanimous Opinion (November 13)

There is an interesting phenomenon in the financial markets in which investors aren’t just concerned with their overall profits and losses. People pay very close attention to assets’ recent fluctuations. Emotionally, people are reluctant to buy anything which they believe is most likely to slump in the short run, and they are most eager to buy anything which they believe will climb slowly in the short- and intermediate-term. How do investors

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Warning: Your Retirement Savings Are At Risk!

Did you or a loved one lose money in the 2008 financial crisis? How about when the dot com bubble burst?

Don’t let it happen again.

We went on the record in late 2007, warning investors to sell near all-time highs. Today, we are again warning investors to sell near all-time highs. Watch this video for more information.